isabelle truong

I’m a clinical counsellor with extensive experience in relationship counselling and mediation. I work with individuals, couples and families from all walks of life and diverse cultural backgrounds. I can help you heal your emotional wounds, improve your communication style, resolve conflicts and move toward a better future. 

As a divorce counsellor, my approach is collaborative and holistic. I provide a gentler and more thoughtful process by attending to my clients’ psychological and emotional needs. The combination of my training in counselling and mediation has equipped me well when dealing with highly emotionally conflicted couples. I can assist you in dealing with the grieving process of separation/divorce, de-escalating conflicts and adapting to your new circumstances.

How I Can Help You

I’m trained in a wide range of therapeutic techniques, my counselling approach is integrative and relational. I incorporate many theories such as attachment, family system, schema therapy, solution-focused and emotionally focused therapy in my work. 

You will receive my undivided attention in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment. We can explore issues that bother you, identify your emotions and assess your needs. You can reflect and process your feelings and thoughts and make sense of them.

I can help you recognise what triggers your feelings and behaviours; break the negative patterns that are causing you problems. It might be guilt, anger, fear, sadness, shame, or anxiety that arises from what has happened to you. The underlying causes of these feelings can undermine all your relationships and have a negative impact on your mental health. 

We will work together to change the way you perceive your situation and abandon coping strategies that no longer work. You will gain self-awareness and clarity that in turn gives you a greater understanding of your feelings, thoughts and actions. You will develop new skills to empower you to step forward to make a positive change.

In all instances, integrity, creativity and empathy guide my work. I can help you identify your strengths and find the courage to face the source of your problems. I will ensure that you get the most out of your counselling sessions and embark on a new path towards achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams.

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