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The key to a healthy relationship depends on our ability to engage emotionally, be more responsive and repair our emotional injury. When we feel secure in relationships, we can reach out to others and deal with conflict and stress positively. We live in a world full of distractions, which often makes it difficult to maintain healthy, loving relationships. Research has shown that strong and healthy relationships have a positive impact on our physical and mental well-being. People with poor relationships are more likely to suffer from depression and loneliness. Living with unresolved conflict or in a toxic relationship is more damaging than being alone.

Statistics show that the average couple might be unhappy for over six years before seeking counselling. By this stage, one partner may have emotionally checked out of the relationship and core problems become harder to identify and solve. When negative patterns keep recurring, the problems become more entrenched – your relationship will take longer to mend or the damage may be beyond repair. The earlier you seek professional help, the more chance you have at rebuilding intimacy and saving the relationship.

Are You Constantly Asking Yourself

Should I stay or Leave?

“Should I stay or leave?”

“Is my relationship in a rut?”

“Why can’t I maintain long term relationships?”

“Why do I feel so disconnected from my partner?”

“Why do I feel resentful and angry all the time?”

“How do we stop from constantly fighting?”

“How do we reconnect as a family?”

“Why can’t we resolve problems without screaming at each other?”

Signs Your Relationship Needs Professional Help

  • You are not able to talk to each other freely and respectfully
  • You feel as though you are constantly walking on eggshells
  • One partner feels judged, shamed, dismissed or insecure
  • Loss of intimacy/connection
  • Secrets are kept from your partner
  • Either you or your partner is contemplating (or having) an affair
  • Relying on drugs & alcohol to relieve stress/numb your feelings
  • Living separate lives – becoming like roommates than a couple
  • Feeling everything would be ok if the other person would just change
  • The same issues keep coming up repeatedly without being resolved
Signs you need professional help
What is relationship counselling

Couples often come into counselling with a wide range of intentions – some conscious, some unconscious; some shared and some unshared.

Some people are content to simply deal with the issues that brought them to counselling and get back to their ‘normal’ level of relatedness. Others may be looking at ways to enhance and transform their relationship into a more fulfilled and intimate one.

Before you book a session, it’s helpful to be clear about what you want to get out of relationship counselling. Think about what goals you want to achieve – you might change them during the process, but it’s a very good place to start.

My Role

I guide you to explore new ways of looking at things, redirecting the focus of your attention away from your partner’s behaviour and more towards yourself and the relationship.

We can’t control other people’s behaviour, but we can change our own and in doing so will radically change the dynamics of the relationship.  Many of us minimise our vulnerability and insecurity when we have been emotionally wounded and scared. However, these are the key factors in the healing process.

I can offer you tools and suggestions that you may not have previously considered. Your job is to be as honest and engaged as you can be and explore new possibilities.

My role as a relationship counsellor
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Not Just For Couples

Please keep in mind that relationship counselling is not just for couples. It can also be very helpful in other types of relationships, such as with a parent or sibling, an employer, a friend or a colleague.

Take The Plunge

Are you ready to work towards a more positive, healthy relationship with someone significant in your life?

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